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About Airsoft


About Airsoft

Below aresome Airsoft FAQ taken from Look for their link on the Sites page.

How realistic are Airsoft Guns?
Even law enforcement officers are often unable to distinguish airsoft from real steel. Never take an airsoft gun out in public, doing so WILL endanger your life.

How do airsoft guns operate?
An airsoft gun can operate off one of any three principles. The most common and cost effective are our line of spring guns. Spring guns must be cocked before each shot, usually by racking the slide or cocking handle (rifles). Cocking the gun compresses a spring attached to a piston, when the trigger is pulled, the piston flies forward, compresses the air in the cylinder and fires the BB at an average velocity of 210 FPS. Most people start off with spring guns and often move up to gas blowback guns. Gas blowback pistols use HFC22 or Green Gas. Green gas is loaded into the bottom of the magazine (shown left) along with the ammunition. This design allows for rapid magazine changes to replace both expended rounds and propellant. GBB guns operate in a manner very similar to real firearms. After inserting the magazine you cock the gun to chamber the first round. Upon pulling the trigger, gas is released to propel the BB out of the barrel at an average of 275 FPS. A small amount of gas is also captured to force the slide back, resetting the hammer and chambering the next round. This is a very efficient system allowing you to fire the gun as fast as you can pull the trigger. Electric powered guns use a gear and piston system to offer semi and sometimes fully automatic operation.

How many shots can I get from can of green gas?
This will vary with the gun you are using, rate of fire and temperature. The faster you pull the trigger, the colder the gas becomes thus lowering the pressure. Shooting from a very cold magazine will not yield nearly as many rounds as a room temperature magazine. On average, one can of gas will yield approx 2000 rounds.

Can I use standard .177 pellets or 4.5mm copper BBs?
NO! This type of ammunition will not work at all in any of our guns and may cause damage to the gun itself.

Are airsoft guns legal to own and operate?
Airsoft guns are legal to own in most states. Exceptions include New York City (including all 5 boroughs) and Michigan. This is not a complete list - always review all local and state laws/ordinances regarding BB guns, replica guns, and paintball guns before making a purchase.

Which gun is the BEST?
We get dozens of emails every day asking which gun is the best. Here is the answer
The MP5 SD3 is our most popular spring rifle while the M9 remains the most popular spring pistol.
The Mini AEGs and Desert Eagle Pistol AEG are the most popular battery powered guns.
The M11 is by far the coolest of the gas blowback guns with the M9 following as a close second. For the absolute highest rate of fire, go with the MicroUZI gas blow back.

What kind of protection do I need to play airsoft?
Full face protection is REQUIRED for any airsoft sporting activity. Airsoft guns can cause serious eye injury and shatter teeth if unprotected. We also recommend using neck protection, elbow and knee guards.

How far will airsoft guns shoot?
Airsoft guns have a maximum-effective range of about 60 yards depending on whether or not the gun has been upgraded. Stock full-size electric rifles can shoot accurately up to 20-30 yards, spring guns 15-20 yards, and electric guns 10-15 yards.

How accurate are airsoft guns?
Airsoft guns very accurate for smooth-bore guns. At 20 yards, you can shoot a 6-8" group.

How loud are airsoft guns?
Airsoft guns are quieter than a .22 caliber rifle, but a bit louder than a typical air rifle.

What are airsoft guns made of?
All our guns are made of the same durable ABS Plastic used in items such as motorcycle helmets. Airsoft guns are NOT made of metal and cannot be modified to fire real ammunition. Because they are made of plastic, the guns tend to be a little lighter than their real counterparts.

How old do you have to be  to purchase an airsoft gun?
You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase any product from us. Airsoft Pro assumes "NO LIABILITY" arising from the purchase of any products offered in this publication; including sale, resale or misuse.

What are the tactical training applications of Airsoft?
Airsoft guns are ideal for tactical training. Our sister company Tactical Training Solutions International is run by a 14 year law enforcement veteran and has provided solutions for tactical teams across the country.

I live outside of the US, can I still buy airsoft guns?
No. At this point we only ship within the United States.

How is an airsoft gun distinguished from a real gun?
As required by federal law, the first 5mm of the barrel on any airsoft gun has a blaze orange marking affixed to it, or has it molded in orange plastic. Removal, alteration, or destruction of the orange markings is both dangerous, and a violation of federal law. It will also void your warranty.

What do the numbers mean on the bbs?
The numbers refer to bb weight in grams. All of our guns are designed around a specific weight of bb. The recommended bb weight is automatically selected for each product.

What is the muzzle velocity of XXXX?
Spring pistols tend to fire 190-230 fps, Spring rifles 220-260 fps, and mini electric guns and pistols fire ~180 fps.

Do you have a dealer or resellers program?
We do not currently have a program for dealers, but may have one in the near future.

What is the magazine capacity on XXXX?
The magazine capacities are never lower than the real gun. Pistols are 10-25 rounds, subguns 25-50 rounds.

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